My hygienist Julie was great! The care and education she gave me on my last visit translated into great results on this one. Thanks Julie you’re the best!

When Dr. Ron came to Rogers City last year, I was very skeptical about him. I really liked Dr. Ryan; and, Dr. Ron was young, fresh out of school. The more visits I had with him, the better I felt. He is VERY compassionate and kind and gentle. The shots barely hurt at all! He also has lots of new techniques and “tricks” to use; and, with my teeth, I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET.

Amazing patient care and very professional as usual.

Another great experience with Leah at Rogers City Dental! Best hygienist around!

If I have to go to the dentist, Rogers City Dental is a great place to go. They make your visit as painless as possible and the staff is fantastic.

I am happy that I did not have to find a new dentist once Dr. Ryan retired. I find that Dr. Mishko and his staff are a great team. Dr. Mishko is a great dentist with new dental technology. Tish is very kind and caring during my dental procedures. I like having Leah for my hygienist too.

Dr. Ron is one of the BEST dentists I’ve ever been to. His shots don’t hurt as much … he is very gentle and friendly … he always tells me what he is doing and why. I’m 72 years old; and, I have to say that he and his staff are treating me VERY WELL!

Okay … the shots didn’t hurt much at all. I had extensive work done that day. I was in THE CHAIR for 2 hours and 15 minutes!!!! They talked to me about every step. They were VERY aware of how hard it was for me to be almost up-side-down for that long. They called the next morning to see how I was doing. I AM VERY IMPRESSED WITH THIS NEW DENTIST … and all of his new techniques.

I am always treated well by a friendly, courteous, caring staff.. I appreciate their expertise, confidence, helpfulness, and tips for a healthier mouth. They are not only great with adult, but this staff is superb with younger children as my grandchildren will attest. I do not hesitate to recommend this great staff to anyone who asks.

I had a wonderful experience (on an emergency basis) being out of state I didn’t know where to go and I certainly made the right choice. The staff was friendly and caring and I can’t say enough about Dr. Mishko! I am planning on bringing my dental care from Ohio to Roger City Dental!

My experience was wonderful and I am planning on moving my dental appointments from my Ohio dentist to Roger City Dental. The staff was so nice and so caring and I can’t say enough for Dr. Mishko!

The staff at Rogers City Dental is very caring and positive. You can tell they are passionate about your dental care.

Dr Ron does a great job. He comes across as very caring and is bringing the “latest and greatest” dental technology to Rogers City. It’s nice not having to leave town if you don’t have to. Leah my hygenist, is great too! She does an awesome job.

My hygienist Julie was great! The care and education she gave me on my last visit translated into great results on this one. Thanks Julie you’re the best!

They are very thorough and friendly people.

Staff are very helpful and friendly and patient when I have to keep changing appointment dates due to my work schedule. Julie was wonderful.

Leah is the best dental hygienist! She is so gentle, caring, and does a great job! We LOVE her!

Leah Woloszyk is the best dental hygienist! She is so caring, gentle, and does a great job!! We LOVE her!

Every one there is very nice and very good at their jobs!